Dual Washer and Dryer Box

Credit Card
Prepaid Codes
Metal Tokens


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Added security of padlock

Online Dashboard

View credit card transactions online


Do It Yourself Installation, No electrican needed, just hang and plug in


1 year warranty on parts and labor

electrical wall plate for combo washer and dryer

Coin Dimensions

Diameter 18 mm to 31 mm
Thickness 1.2 mm to 3.0 mm

image of american quarter
canadian loonie
metal token
canadian quarter

Payment Methods

American Quarters
Canadian Quarters Loonies Toonies
Master Card Visa Amex and Discover
Prepaid Codes
Bank ACH (American Customers Only
Metal Tokens

master card visa label

No Monthly Fees
No Internet

Bank Account

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Coin Collector Capacity

1168 Quarters
976 Loonies
600 Toonies

coin collection box

Box Dimensions

width = 11 inches
depth = 7 inches
height = 16 inches

converter box with dimensions

Optional Padlock

For added security customer can purchase an additional padlock. Padlock slot is built with 15 gauge steel and is heat treated.

mastercraft padlock

Optional Key Lock

Pay Box Timer box has a optional key. The key locks are tramper resistant and is located on the right side of the pay box.

lock and key

Piano Hinge

Located on the left hand side of the steel box are the 2 inch piano hinges. Our customers can be confident that the money inside the box is secure. Piano hinges provide safety and security of coin. Thieves are not able to pry open the box because the piano hinges, leaving your investment safe and secure. Other coin converter boxes on the market use a steel pin with a top hinge. This pin can be easily remove and as a result the front door of the box can be removed.

piano hinges

Electrical Wire Adjustable Hole Covers

The purpose of these metal stoppers is to prevent the input electrical cords from being pulled out of the pay box timer enclosure. Two to prevent coins from falling out of the machine. Three preventing people from accessing the internal parts of the machine by creating a safety barrier. The metal stoppers can be adjusted in away that all gaps and spaces are eliminated. Stoppers are designed with slotted openings on either side, which provides adjustment ability for a range of wire diameter sizes. There are four metal studs at the bottom of the enclosure, to which metal stoppers can be attached Bottom Enclosure Bolts

Setup our machines and efficiently we have provided 4 stainless steel bolts. These bolts are used to close the electrical wire openings at the bottom of the box. Wire sizes can range widely for both washer and dryers from 15 millimeter up to 25 millimeters in size. There is no need for customers to obtain extra tools in order to install lower steel plates. Simply fasten to the existing steel metal studs located at the bottom of the metal enclosure. ​ Hanger Hole for Easy Mounting

For easy installation of our coin-operated boxes. We have design hanger holes located at the back of the box. The customer locates a wooden stud and fastens 3 inch metal screws. The first screw's head is left raised approximately 10 millimeters above the wall surface. The customer aligns hanger hole with the screw and hangs metal enclosure. Once the metal enclosure is hanging on the wall, the remaining screws can be used to securely fast the rest of the metal enclosure. All the mounting holes are accessed from the inside of the metal box, hence prevent any unauthorized removal of the box.

Coin Retrieval Slot Cut Out When emptying the money in the coin box we recommend placing the large bucket underneath the box before opening. Once the front do is opened coin will fall out into the bucket. The remaining coins can be slid out of the bottom of the box. To aid in the emptying of the last few coins sitting at the box we have provide a coin retrieval cutout.

Do It Your Self Installation no electrician hang on the wall plug in pay box timer into wall outlet plug in appliance into pay box timer

Works In Every
Country WorldWide
60 Hz and 50 Hz

international countries Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Caribbean, Columbia and Brazil.

Pay box timers work on ​both 60 Hz and 50 Hz electricity grids.

World Wide Shipping

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How It Works

How it Works
set time to desired amount to charge tenant
inserted coin to add time
any time duration can be selected from second, minutes and hours
electricity is disconnected when time expires
appliance cord and coins are secured inside
Money Maker

make money from passive appliances
electricity and water vending machine
washer, dryers, showers, massage chairs, tanning beds
condos, rental properties, basement apartments, student housing


Limited Resources and is proud to announce the creation of the Power Box of appliances. In a world with limited resources such as water and electricity limitedresources.us has created a way for both individuals and business to profit from converting of passive appliances such as washer and dryers in to a money making machines. Limited Resources has created a coin operated vending machine appliance which controls electricity output and monitored by an on board computer connected to a count down timer. The Power Box product is a do it yourself appliance, which requires no special tool or technician to install. Limited Resources Incorporated is is based out of New York state and ships products world wide.

The Power Box appliance is ideal for laundry washers and dryers, electric vehicle charging station, portable device charging facilities located in airports and hotel, amusement rides, massage chairs, whirlpools and saunas which benefit from the Power Box appliance.

​With the high price of gas and electricity these days, laundry can cost a fortune. Tenants have the tendency to abuse laundry privileges, which ends up costing you more and can even wear out your machines faster. However, with the Power Box we provide, those headaches are a thing of the past.

Our device turns your ordinary laundry machines into Coin Laundry, saving your hard earned money. Also, having coin laundry means that your machines won’t be overused, as tenants will be more mindful of their load size and frequency of use. Coin box = less loads = longer life span. Laundry Washer and Dryer When a property manager wants to regulate the use of the laundry room by preventing tenants from from abusing the onsite laundry facilities. With the installation of a Power Box appliance helps owner prevent unwanted overuse of the washer and dryer. by installing the Power Box appliance it prevents tenants from washing other people’s cloth resulting in the over consumption of electricity and water. This new technology is helping to limited the use of electricity and water which is in short supply on the planet. With the purchase of the Power Box appliance allows customers to build powerful revenue streams with recurring revenue on a weekly and monthly basis. The return on investment from this type of purchase based on average usage has shown are return of of 100% within the first year of the appliance being installed. Deposited coins are stored securely in the rigid metal box, the coin box is protected with a tamper resistant key lock. The Power Box is the only appliance on the market to prove such a unique money making solutions to the average homeowner.

The Power Box appliance is ideal for tenant in property such as student housing, basement apartment rentals, self contained single or family multi residential residences, large condo building and apartment complexes which provide laundromat services on premises. Over the last couple of years we have sold hundreds of Power Box appliances to very satisfied customers around the world. The coin mechanism can be adjusted to any country's currency such as in the US Canada Mexican or Indian and China. Power Box appliance come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on parts. All part replacement is provided for free under a unlimited warranty. There a local dealer cannot be found simply ship the product back to our head office and we will gladly repair and send back the fixed appliance. By restricting the use of the washer and dryer helps reduce long term equipment malfunctions and breakdowns.

Stephen King

Setup and Installation

Setup and installation of the Power Box ​appliance is fast and easier. Four holes are easily accessible when the front panel is opened. The holes are located on the back of the appliance’s metal box. The appliance can be attached to wood or metal studs, concrete or plastic walls. Simply plug into Power Box the device to be regulated by attaching appropriate length power cord. Set the timer for any coin drop from one second 60 minutes. The timer adjustment is located on the inside of the front panel and is highly customization to the any device. In the event a coin is stuck simply press down on the exterior coin accept-or handle, which will then release the coin. When emptying the coin box use the provided non-tamper key lock to open the front panel. All coins are deposited in the plastic container located inside the Power Box ​appliance.

Short, Regular and Long Wash Cycle Machine can be setup for any currency and timer duration, by the landlord. In this example let say it’s setup for 1 American quarter for every 15 minutes of time.

COIN DROP Each time a quarter is dropped the timer is incremented up by 15 minutes. First coin drop 15 minutes Second coin drop 30 minutes Third coin drop 45 minutes

​ Short Cycle short wash cycle is 30 minutes insert 2 quarters

Regular Cycle regular wash cycle is 60 minutes inserting 4 quarters

Extended Cycle long cycle is for example 75 minutes insert 5 quarters

Extra Money If the tenants insert 5 quarters but only selects a REGULAR wash cycle. Then there will be an extra 15 minutes of time left on the time. If that the case the tenant can start a new wash and use the remaining time for the second load of laundry. If tenant choose not to do a second load of laundry then the extra money is wasted and the landlord profit increase.

Residential and Commercial Applications RV parks massage chairs tanning solons motels and hotels Trailer Parks camp ground that see thousands of customers per year multi story condominium and apartment buildings with hundreds of units


Pay Box Timers are the ideal solution for landlords. Who are trying to compbat a growing problem of over usage of laundry facilities. Pay Box Timers where created to address this problem. Block access to washer and dryer with credit card enabled pay boxes. Credit card payments go directly into landlords bank account. What more can you ask for!





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